About Joe Federico

Joe FedericoJoe Federico is an expert in the testing of electronic components.  He has spent most of his career at NJ MET, Inc. in Clifton NJ.  He started as an engineering associate and now is the director of operations, supervising the engineering and quality departments.  Joe has developed protocols for testing electronic components for authenticity using a combination of tests.  Over the past several years, Joe Federico has given talks and presentations about testing for the authenticity of electronic parts and how to properly test them. His talks and presentations have been at colleges, trade shows, conferences and on premises of various clients and potential clients around the world.  Joe has published articles in Test and Measurement World and US Tech magazine, among others.

In his spare time, Joe Federico does volunteer works for charities in Northern New Jersey. He is the president of the Lou Costello Tent of the Circus Saints and Sinners, Inc. The Lou Costello Tent was started in the 1970s  but was inactive for a number of years.  With the permission of the Costello family, Joe reactivated the tent over the last few years.  It was established to continue the fundraising principles of the previous tent to aid charity organizations and charitable causes by holding various types of fundraisers.

Joe heads up the charitable giving activities at his workplace, where they focus on local charities and international aid. NJMET sponsors the American Red Cross each year, giving a percentage of their profits to the organization. For the last three years, NJMET has directed this aid to help US military members and their families.



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