Next Generation of Supersonic Transport

The new boom project promises to build a supersonic passenger plane that is faster than the Concorde and with round-trip fares to be only a quarter of the price. This is a great concept and a fantastic vision in advancing supersonic flight. It is anticipated that times for trans- Atlantic trips will be cut by more than half that of subsonic planes.

The objective of the Boom concept is  flight times from New York to London in a little over three hours and from Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia in six.  The airplane will travel at Mach 2.2 which  more than twice the speed of sound and is over 2 1/2 times faster than any other commercial airliner.

Boom Technology's XB-1

Boom Technology’s 1/3 scale XB-1

The Denver-based Boom Company, Boom Technology,  is still working on its one-third scale prototype  (“Baby Boom” XB-1), which is scheduled for test flights later in 2017. The estimated completion date for the passenger airliner and its expected first flight isn’t until 2023.

To reduce weight, the plane will be made of carbon fiber composite instead of aluminum.  Seating arrangements will be split into two single seat rows so that everyone has an aisle seat and a window seat.

Virgin Airlines has invested in Boom Technology and has promised test flight support plus engineering and manufacturing services.

With the round-trip price tag of $5,000 compared to the Concorde’s nearly $20,000, the price tag is still a bit high.  But for the world’s business elite, it may be considered practical.

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