Advancements in Helping People Walk Again

With my fascination of breakthrough developments in the medical industry, what I find most interesting about this endeavor is the impressive advancements that have been made in the development of exoskeletons which enable people with disabilities to walk again.  I found this article on the different ways to make artificial muscle fibers  in Electronics Weekly to be quite interesting.  The potential applications are almost limitless. The current exoskeletons are driven by motors and or pressurized … Continue reading

Next Generation of Supersonic Transport

The new boom project promises to build a supersonic passenger plane that is faster than the Concorde and with round-trip fares to be only a quarter of the price. This is a great concept and a fantastic vision in advancing supersonic flight. It is anticipated that times for trans- Atlantic trips will be cut by more than half that of subsonic planes. The objective of the Boom concept is  flight times from New York to … Continue reading