GPUs have a big role to play in the future

Graphic Processor Units (GPUs) have an impressive history of use for photo and hyper realistic graphics in car dashboards, navigation and entertainment systems including the Playstations and Xboxes, I find myself more impressed with how graphic processing technology has materialized to help science and medical imaging in such a positive way. Indeed, the future is bright for GPUs.

Not only have the applications of GPUs expanded in smart phones, tablets and vehicles, but more importantly, the technology advancements that have taken place within the medical industry have changed the face of healthcare in its entirety.  What I find most fascinating is how the GPUs associated with medical imaging technology allow healthcare professionals to create a visual representation of the interior areas of a patient’s body.  The use of this most sophisticated technology in medical imaging profoundly increases the ability of doctors to diagnose and treat diseases immediately.

Health care uses go beyond diagnostic imaging.  Most recently a Swiss start up called Eyra announced starting trials on a headset device which is a GPU accelerated computer with sensors that process, analyze and describe images from two cameras to bring more independence to the lives of people with limited sight.

These are the groundbreaking, game changing applications that improve and save lives thanks to GPU technologies.  As GPU technology advances there will be many more applications that we haven’t envisioned yet.

Here is an opinion piece on GPUs that I found interesting and informative: The future’s bright for GPUs from New Electronics Magazine’s website.  See

Look for GPUs to move beyond cars and entertainment systems in the near future.  Expect to find them in lots of unexpected places that call for either high resolution graphics or CPU processing in devices demanding low power consumption.

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